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November 11, 2019 21:52 -Magic things -Kabwe, Central Province


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+27785149508 / +19794644113 @#$MUSLIM TRADITIONAL HEALER @LOST LOVE SPELL DUAS @MONEY SPELL EXPERT DJINNS ISLAMIC SPIRITUAL HEALING +27785149508 / +19794644113 Islamic spiritual Healings (ALLAH's Way) are a different experience to a regular Spiritual Healing session. We work with verses of the Quran and supplications of the PROF IBRAHIM to bring healing to all levels of your spiritual body all the way down to the cellular memory. This type of healing is one of the deepest and most powerful. EachIslamic spiritual Healing helps with: * Removal of Negativity * Emotional Healing * Relationship Healing - improving your relationship with yourself and bringing out your inner sweetness, helping you attract better relationships Each Islamic spiritual Healing involves a combination of different herbs and healing techniques. Each session is performed in the name of God with the help of High Frequency Beings in ALLAH's Consciousness. Each Islamic spiritual Healing rapidly assists you in your spiritual development and allows you to grow in consciousness. Many experience a natural high after each session and report very significant improvements in their spiritual, emotional, and physical lives. NB:FINISH ALL UNFINISHED JOBS FROM OTHER DOCTORS For More Contact Tel: +27785149508 / +19794644113 Email:[email protected] Web: