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Zedconnects is a place where you can buy and sell anyhing in Zambia. How does it work? A seller goes to the site, creates an account and posts an ad about the stuff he wants to sell. It could be absolutely new item or a used one, doesn't matter. Then a buyer goes to and sees all items in sale. The buyer can use search to find what exactly he needs. Once he found required item, he connects with the seller via mobile phone or Whatsapp. After that they meet and do the deal.

All items can be filtered via location. So, if you want to find all items in Lusaka, just select the location in search form and click Search. The site will show you all items from Lusaka in sale.

Every item belongs to a single category to make search easier. For example, you can list all mobile phones in Zambia or see cars for sale in Zambia.